Moondrop facts and pictures

Moondrop he is the man in the dark some people thinks hes hot and some thinks just like him.

Sundrop facts and pictures

My boy Sunny the man of the day he is a kid preson, he's a very kind preson that everyone loves and even have a thing for him.

Roxy facts and pictures

Roxy girl is a wolf that people really like,She always wins every race she can not be stopped.

Monty facts and pictures

Monty a green thing that alot of people would kill for because they think he's so hot.

Chica facts and pictures

Chica the chicken is a pizza loving girl people like her but i don't think they like like her but she a popstar girl who loves pink.

Glamrock Funtime foxy facts and pictures

Glamrock Funtime foxy theres nothing about him so yeah.

El Chip facts and pictures

El Chip onws his own food court nobody really talks about him so let me show you the pictures

Dj Music Man

Dj Music Man he is a spider that can play some music some people even like like him but as a human and i think as a spider? He is even a father to 30 litle hims how cute is that!

Glamrock Ballora

Glamrock Ballora she is a dancer nothing really know anything else but i know that alot of people love

CB facts and pictures

My girl CB the rockstar she is really pretty and she can roller skate

Gkamrock lobit

My other girl Lobit theres nothing about so lets go to the pictures.

Glamrock Mangle

My other other girl Mangle she is still broken as she is but in some of the photos she's not.

Glamrock freddy facts and pictures

Freddy a father of one the main main charater of the game everyone loves.

Glamrock Bonnie facts and pictures

friends with freddy or maybe more than friends all i know is that he was part of the crew then he some how he was gone... oh also he was a bowling player.

Glamrock Foxy facts and pictures

Nothing about him that i know so lets go to pictures.

Bonus picture of cb